23. März 2020 Johannes Wolters

22. – 26. März 2020: Virtual Edition of IEEE VR Animation Workshop (ANIVAE)

The IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR) is the premier international event for the presentation of research results in the broad area of virtual reality (VR).

This year´s IEEE VR conference in Atlanta is now an online event and you can watch all talks without registration: http://ieeevr.org/2020/.

Also, the third edition of our interdisciplinary workshop series on Animation in Virtual and Augmented Environments (ANIVAE) is online.

Therefore, you can watch all pre-recorded talks via youtube links on our website: https://anivae.fhstp.ac.at/program/

Thank you again to all the speakers!

All the best,

Franziska Bruckner

Program of ANIVAE 2020:

Franziska Bruckner and Thomas Moser: Introduction

Josef Wolfartsberger and Daniel Niedermayr : Authoring-by-Doing: Animating Work Instructions for Industrial Virtual Reality Learning Environments


Ye Pan and Kenny Mitchell: Group-Based Expert Walkthroughs: How Immersive Technologies Can Facilitate the Collaborative Authoring of Character Animation


Chunning Guo and Baishen Yan: The Imaginations of Daily Life in VR: Rebuilding Lost Homes through Animated Memories


Martina Fröschl: Computer-animated scientific visualizations in the immersive art installation NOISE AQUARIUM

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