30. Januar 2023 Johannes Wolters

Animation – Alumnus Christian Kaufmann about studying at the Animationsinstitut | Anmeldung noch bis 15. Februar

Meet Christian Kaufmann, an Animation alumnus, and learn about his diploma project TOWN HALL SQUARE! Christian about his transition into the industry: “At the Filmakademie, it was mostly short films, now, I am working on a larger series.“ If you want to read about Christian’s journey after receiving his diploma, visit the Animationsinstitut’s blog: https://animationsinstitut.de/en/blog…

Have you ever wondered who the people behind the breathtaking projects at the Animationsinstitut are? Our Faces series allows you a first-hand look behind the scenes: get to know alumni from different fields of study, whether it is Technical Directing, Interactive Media or Animation. Our former students talk about what and why they studied in Ludwigsburg, the challenges they overcame and the lessons they learned during their studies at the Animationsinstitut. Above all, they share their very personal impressions with you.


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