Animation/Effects Producing | Teaser 2021

You have a passion for films and storytelling? You are talented in organizing and coaching? Study Animation/Effects Producing at Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut and start your career in the film and media industry.
As a producer, you are pulling the strings in a project – from initial idea and planning to postproduction all the way to marketing and distribution. At Animationsinstitut, extensive theoretical training will make you a professional in matters of budgeting, timing, resource management, team leadership etc. To become market-ready, you will apply your business as well as artistic skills and knowledge to various animation, effects and games projects right from the start. Join the great creative network of Animationsinstitut and benefit from its highly qualified lecturers and contacts to renowned industry players all around the globe. Produced at Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut by using excerpts from student productions (Mulm, Avant Card, The Beauty) and experience trailers (Neoshin, Paris You Got Me, The Beauty, Evangeline) in combination with workshop and production footage. Thanks to all production teams and staff of Animationsinstitut and Filmakademie beeing part of this teaser or having helped on getting it done.
Concept: Lilian Klages (senior lecturer Animation/Effects Producing)
Director: Steffen Kayser (
Editing: Moritz Henne
Sound: Jan Roth (
Producer: Christian Müller (head of production Animationsinstitut)
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