7. Juli 2019 Johannes Wolters

Annecy 2019 – WIA Women in Animation Summit PART FOUR – SUPPORTING STUDENTS OF ANIMATION

Did you know that in many countries, over 60% of animation students are female? We will discuss how to support these women through the cultural and technical challenges of school and set them up for career success. How can we address the unique needs of female and non-binary students entering the workplace? We will share some best practices and ideas for how to make students feel like they already belong to the animation community they are seeking to join after graduation.


Brendan Burch, CEO Six Point Harness, Chair of Students, Women in Animation


Hsaing Chin Moe, Director of Operations, School of Visual Arts; Co-Lead, WIA New York

Deb Stone, Director, Recruiting & Talent Development, Blue Sky Studios; Co-Lead, WIA New York

Michelle Ann Nardone, Head of Animation Departments, Gobelins

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