26. April 2021 Johannes Wolters

Annecy 2021 – VR Works Official Selection – Onsite Only!!! – See you from 14th to 19th June!

Picture above: The Hangman at Home (directed by Michelle et Uri KRANOT) / Biolum (directed by Abel KOHEN) / Replacements (Penggantian) (directed by Jonathan HAGARD)

Among the 75 registered projects (28 of which are directed by women), 9 were selected.

A selection that was highlighted by its diversity of forms and statements. Daring films that force us to confront the real world, with Dislocation, Replacements (Penggantian) and 4 Feet High, works that bring a breath of fresh air, like with the passionate little investigator in Madrid Noir, or a child’s fantastical journey searching for his sister in Paper Birds. Also, different approaches that push narrative limits even further, such as Recoding Entropia, the aquatic adventure Biolum, as well as the intertwining stories in The Hangman at Home, that examine our darker sides and our humanity. Also, for the very first time in this selection, there is a Graduation Film, Strands of Mind.

9 works to discover during the Festival, from 14th to 19th June, in Annecy.

Important: the VR Works Official Selection will only be available on-site.

Have a look: https://www.annecy.org/programme/festival-programme:vr

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