14. Februar 2023 Johannes Wolters

Beautifully minimal Blender projects | SESSIONS | Series Teaser

Today we’re announcing „SESSIONS“: A series of Blender courses centered around a variety of short projects. Each „session“ is designed for start-to-finish creation within a 2-hour timeframe. Meaning something visually substantial, interesting, and beautiful is created in 2 hours or less. A 2-hour window is great for aspiring CG artists that don’t have weeks or months to devote to large projects. In fact it’s plausible to complete each session daily.

They’re all designed to expand your creativity, demonstrate loads of workflow tips n‘ tricks, and result in something visually impactful that you can be proud of. SESSIONS will be released throughout 2023 at cgcookie.com. The first course, „Minimalism“, is coming very soon. Read more about SESSIONS here! http://cgcookie.com/p/sessions

„WHO IS CG COOKIE?“ We are real people! (OK, maybe some of us are cyborgs – we don’t ask.) CG Cookie is a small crew of Blender artists, baking fresh videos for the Blender community. 🍪 If you love what we do, consider enrolling to http://cgcookie.com to stream 100’s of Blender courses with passionate Blender instructors there to answer your questions.


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