22. November 2021 Johannes Wolters

Becoming A Screenwriter: 12 Key Tools For Success – Glenn Gers [FULL INTERVIEW]

Glenn Gers has been a full-time professional writer of movies and television for 25 years. His credits include theatrical features, no-budget indies, TV staff and episodes, original movies for cable and streaming, such as BROTHER’S KEEPER (2002), FRACTURE (2007), MAD MONEY (2008) and many more. He has won multiple festival prizes and an Emmy. He provides tips for writing on his Youtube channel Writing For Screens and offers script-consulting via his website Writingforscreens.com.

0:00 – Moment You Realize You’re A Writer 1:56 – How Anxiety Can Ruin A Writing Career 18:39 – 99% Of Screenwriters Are Not Rich And Famous 27:43 – The Truth About Being A Screenwriter 38:09 – Not Everyone Has Time To Be An Artist 47:59 – Biggest Lessons From First Hollywood Writing Job 1:01:58 – Hollywood Has Changed Dramatically In The Last 5 Years 1:08:05 – If You Can’t Answer These 6 Questions You Don’t Have A Story 1:22:47 – Are There Too Many Screenwriting Rules? 1:31:36 – There Is Only One Certainty For An Artist 1:39:59 – Every Writer Has To Get Used To Two Kinds Of Writing 1:53:08 – Pro Screenwriter Fixes A Bad Scene 2:05:45 – How To Outline A Screenplay

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