2. Juli 2019 Johannes Wolters

Carl Krause nominiert bei den Rookie Awards und hofft auf Eure Unterstützung beim People´s Choice Award!

Hey Guys,
I’m a finalist for this years Rookie Awards. Yess.
If you have a second, please share the link on facebook to have a chance for the People’s Choice Award.
Thanks alot

I’m a director and cg-artist from Berlin with a dedication to film and animation and a strong technological background. I just graduated from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and during my time there I developed a fascination for computer graphics and its experimental use for telling compelling stories.

Down below I present a selection of the work I did during my studies.
If you want to see more or get in contact with me: www.carlkrause.de
Thanks for your interest.

Hier der Link zur The Rookies Webseite, auf der jeder den Beitrag auf Facebook teilen sollte um Carl zu unterstützen (bitte!!) Der meistgeteilte Beitrag gewinnt den Contest:




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