25. August 2021 Johannes Wolters

CARTOON SPRINGBOARD ⌛ Only 9 days left to submit your project

You are a young talent from a European animation school and you want to develop your animation project?
Participate in our Cartoon Springboard 2021 pitching event and get advice from experts from the audiovisual world.

📅 Deadline to submit a project: Thursday 2 September

CARTOON Springboard is the pitching event where young talents of European animation schools will be able to pitch their project in front of a panel of experts from the audiovisual world.

The 3 day-event will focus on 2 parts:

  • Presentations given by experts on market trends, buyers‘ expectations, etc.
  • Pitching sessions of young talents projects, including an interactive discussion with a panel of experts


Discover the testimony of Alfonso Casado who participated in the Cartoon Springboard 2020 with his project „Pepino the accordionist“ and who shares his experience.👇

Testimony of Alfonso Casado from CARTOON on Vimeo.

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