10. Mai 2021 Johannes Wolters

CGI and Archeology: Scanning and Deep Learning to Preserve and Illuminate Antiquities

Tuesday 11th May
9:00 (LA), 11:00 (CHI), 12:00 (MTL, NY), 17:00 (LDN), 22:30 (MUM)

Kevin Cain will tell the story of his work to collide archaeology and computer graphics, with special attention both to the value of working on vanishing heritage and today’s signposts to a future in which deep learning may well transform field documentation as we know it.

Aiming to cross-pollinate computer vision with traditional archaeological techniques, Kevin Cain has led INSIGHT since 2000. For INSIGHT, Kevin has organized digital cultural heritage projects in collaboration with more than a dozen other partners listed here. Kevin has worked at the intersection of spatial sampling and computer vision as co-founder for several start-ups, including plexusplnar, and Photon Factory.

Link to the Zoom-Room: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82688645274

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