Charlie Fink (Forbes) & EYC on AI Storytelling

#AI Storytelling is on the rise. New platforms such as @OpenAI #ChatGPT #MidJourney and more are changing the way we produce creative content. Hear @Forbes columnist @CharlieFinkForbes (@thisweekinxr2897) discuss the implications with @eykc. This video includes AI-generated #Animation from the chat itself.

00:00 Preview Teaser

01:00 Intro

01:26 ChatGPT Generating Shakespearean Scene: Advantages & Limitations

03:53 Free AI Tools for Anyone Around the World

04:13 ChatGPT & Iambic Pentameter

05:47 Asking the Right Questions is Now an Art Form

07:19 Directing AI Films is Like Directing a Real Production Team

09:00 Real Human Artists Deliver Authentic Nuance

11:20 Is AI Coming for Charlie’s Job at #Forbes (and Newspeople Overall)?

11:53 AI-Generated Scene Made in Minutes with Free Tools

12:45 Script: ChatGPT, Art: #MidJourney, Speech: @elevenlabsio, Animation: @d-id

14:38 Wild West: Could #Disney Use ChatGPT to to Make a Feature? (Probably Not)

15:39 AI Still Can’t Do a Lot of Things

17:34 ChatGPT Passing Student Exams Successfully

18:33 AI: Internet-Sized Disruption

20:14 AI-Generated Podcast Video (Super Meta)

20:49 Charlie’s AI Dreams 21:54 Emerson: 1st Instinct’s Always Best

22:29 Freedom to be Someone Else

22:42 MidJourney: Charlie’s Nutty Professor Avatar

24:10 @meta #QuestPro & Useful #XR?

25:37 #Supernatural, @BeatSaber, @WithinVR: #VR Exercise

27:13 @VRChat Live Music Performances

28:12 @HBO’s ‚We Met in VR‘ by @JoeHunting@sundancefilmfestival #documentary

29:34 Outcasts Shaped the Early Internet. They’ll also Shape VR

30:11 Industry Networking Events in @AltSpace #socialvr

31:07 #VC Subsidized @Uber … Until They Didn’t

33:03 #Uber Creating Real Value in Places like #sanfrancisco

35:13 Should we thank #Zuck for the #Metaverse b/c of #Oculus Acquisition?

37:29 #Zuckerberg has Lost Control of the Metaverse Convo

42:58 #Steam Concurrents in #VRChat &@RecRoom are VR Bright Spots

44:08 VR Following Slow Time Horizon of #PC (Rather than #Mobile)

45:04 #TimSweeney (@EpicGamesStore), Matthew Ball, #Fortnite: Metaverse Simply Virtual Worlds?

46:52 Conclusion: What’s Next?


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