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Immediate solidarity reaction from France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Poland, UK

“The Italian animation industry and community are compact in facing this difficult moment”, says Anne Sophie Vanhollebeke, president of Cartoon Italia, the National Association of animation producers, to the European colleagues of the animation industry. The email was sent Thursday to reassure all foreign partners and raise awareness of the measures to be taken also in the rest of Europe to defeat the covid 19 pandemic.

Most of the Italian productions in animation are co-produced with foreign partners. In this moment of global emergency, the Cartoon Italia board has thus decided to do its part while informing the partners that at the moment the production proceeds without major problems.

Anne.Sophie Vanhollebeke

“We are all smart-working from our houses or, for those who have to be in the studios, taking the utmost precautions with regard to a proper distance from colleagues, carefully avoiding any contact. We come to know that these measures are being taken in some of your countries, but we would like to advise you that everything is related to individual responsibility. Please consider the risks of this virus very seriously”, urges Vanhollebeke, with the hope of meeting the international community soon at Cartoon Digital in Cagliari, Italy, scheduled for the end of May, one of the next animation events that however risk being postponed.

Immediately many messages of solidarity have arrived from the international community.

„Our hearts are with you“, was the first message from Finland. “Congratulations to our friends of animation in Italy. We will do what is required to get out of this virus“, the response from Christian Davin, president of the Cartoon association of Brussels which organizes the major business events in the sector, the last of which was last Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux, just before the decree so-called #iorestoacasa (I stay home) and of the Cartoon Digital itself.

“We think of you – wrote back the president of the French producers, Philippe Alessandriand we hope that you will get rid of this damned virus soon. From here on, courage and prudence!“.

We are well aware that what you have now is about to come to most of us within a very short time…Good times to stick together and hold on to what unites us”, the message arrived from Berlin.

“Although it may seem exaggerated, we try to do what we are asked to do. We hope this does not jeopardized to much all of your productions„, the wishes from Belgium.

“We know you have already got an extreme situation in Italy and this is very difficult and sad too. We send you strength. This is about all of us helping as a community helping and cooperating to slow this thing down”, Moe Honan from Ireland wrote, informing that even in their own country there is a „semi-block“ situation, with schools and universities closed, meetings of people limited to certain numbers and many events canceled. We are creative people, we will work on and can focus in a different way over the coming weeks. Maybe we will be more productive!”, her message of encouragement.

“It’s sad and scary what is going on. Hopefully Italy will go through this without big harm and all end up soon. Most probably we all will have to face same difficult situation in our countries. Luckily our animation business is not so sensitive to such situations, thanks to internet. But so many others will bleed. Global economy as well”, wrote Robert Jaszczurowski from Poland. “In Poland we have schools, cinemas, theaters, clubs shut down. All borders are under control. I can only say what my grandfather told me about vodka – it’s a cure for all plagues, my boy! This time use it externally! We will survive!, he concludes with a note of lightness.

“Best of luck” also from Spain. “Italy is receiving the worst part of this pandemic but we are all united in the fight. – guaranteed Iván Agenjo – Here all schools and universities are closed from today onwards, minimum 15 days, and all of us who can work remotely from home, we do. This is the best way to minimize the impact of the virus. So to all you friends, stay home, stay safe, slowdown your rhythm a little bit, spend these days closer to your family. We will have the chance to go back to our stressful lives afterwards”.

And last but not least Kate O’Connor from Animation U.K. sent her “messages of solidarity and support to all our EU friends and animation family”.

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