8. Dezember 2019 Johannes Wolters

Das „Making of“ von „Love & 50 Megatons“ von Denis Krez

In a fictitious world, a wall goes through a country and its city. Both sides face each other irreconcilably. The film tells the story of the 40 year old rocket scientist Paul who falls in love with a supposed woman. Who, like him, is not absorbed with the irreconcilable differences of both sides and do not want to decide for one side. The drama begins when the love relationship between the two becomes public. Mary is not an ordinary woman, but an intercontinental rocket, 30 meters high and weighing 110 tons with a 50 megaton nuclear warhead at its tip!

Love & 50 Megatons Making-of from Denis Krez on Vimeo.


For our Filmakademie graduate short film we had to orchestrate a firework of different techniques: miniatures, matte paintings, greenscreens, on-set live tracking and real-time game engines.

Hier die brandneue Webseite zum FILM: https://www.loveandfiftymegatons.com/

In order to finish over 200 shots in under three months, with a core team as small as 4 artists, we had to use cutting edge in-camera effects, we called real-time projections. Using this technique allowed us to capture hundreds of believable in-camera effects directly on-set and saved us plenty of time in post-production. While some VFX studios are starting to use this technique for big budget productions, this is still far from being common use, and I thought I’d share my experiences, in case any of you are interested in using these techniques in the future.

VFX Supervision: Denis Krez
VFX Producer: Josephine Ross
Technical Director: Paolo Scatena
Director: Cornelius Schick
DOP: Maciej Rolbiecki
Editor: Gürcan Cansever
Script: Janosch Kosack
Producer: Marvin Marte, Josephine Ross
Production Design: Anika Klatt, Christina Mast


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