15. Dezember 2017 Johannes Wolters

Der INDAC Film-Adventskalender Tag 15:

Once upon a time, there was a giraffe called Geoffrey who ran a beautiful Toys ‚R‘ Us store. It was Christmas Eve and Geoffrey was waiting for someone very special. There was a knock at the door & there was his good friend Santa with his beautiful sleigh & reindeer. „Come in!“ says Geoffrey! Santa locks his sleigh, goes inside & finds all the presents that he still needs! Happy he’s found everything, Santa has to be on his way. They go outside & Santa realises all of his reindeer have disappeared! Uh-oh! He looks around confused & through the store window he sees that the reindeer are inside playing with the toys! It’s then that Santa has an idea & needs Geoffrey’s help… for one night only, Geoffrey has to be a part-time reindeer! With a big gulp & a brave face Geoffrey takes to the sky & helps Santa to deliver all the presents! As dawn breaks, Geoffrey & Santa return to the store proving that Toys ‚R‘ Us really is a Magical Place. #magicalplace #toysrusuk Visit our website www.toysrus.co.uk

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