Dordogne – Watercolor Memories Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Focus Entertainment, Umanimation and UN JE NE SAIS QUOI announced a spring 2023 release window for narrative adventure Dordogne. Dordogne is a heartfelt story of childhood memories, love, and family, to a picturesque pastoral backdrop in southern France. Check out the Watercolor Memories Trailer! A new, French-infused creation comes to the indie world Dordogne tells the story of Mimi, a young woman in search of her childhood memories that she has mysteriously forgotten. In an idyllic French countryside setting hand-painted in vibrant pastel watercolors, Mimi explores a world between childhood and adulthood, where one’s desires and regrets echo lost dreams and fears. A nostalgic and heart-warming journey. Dordogne brings a homegrown taste of France as a wholesome experience which is sure to transport all types of players to a warm and peaceful place by the mighty Dordogne River. Artists from animation, film and video games work together to craft the sumptuous yet delicate aesthetic which makes it stand out, and everyone is super excited for the chance to show this very special piece to the world! Dordogne releases in Spring 2023 on PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4. Sign up as a Focus member now to get the latest info and upcoming exclusive offers for Dordogne and the whole Focus catalog.

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