28. August 2018 Johannes Wolters


Description:Around 25 European film projects will be selected to present an excerpt of their current film production to a circle of International industry professionals with the aim to find creative partners, co-producers, distributors, world sales, commissioning editors, broadcasters and/or financiers. The focus is on European fictional feature films and animation rather than documentary film with at least one European entity involved in the process.

By the time of the pitch, an excerpt that adequately represents your film will be required. Each presentation is scheduled for a max. of 15 minutes. There will be plenty of time for arranged one-to-one-meetings. Once your project is invited, we will participate in the costs for your traveling and, of course, take care of your accommodation.

A jury will award three projects with vouchers for post-production services worth EUR 20,000,- and EUR 15,000,- endowed by the MMC Studios as well as a voucher for sound-post-production services in the amount of EUR 10,000,- endowed by K13.

European Work in Progress Cologne will be complemented by various panel discussions in cooperation with Creative Europe Desk Germany and EAVE .



European Work in Progress is an independent industry event taking place during the Film Festival Cologne for producers and distributors of European and German films with a high-quality appeal and crossover market potential; the event intends a wider focus towards world sales distribution and TV broadcasting companies.

Excerpts will be presented from feature film productions at a stage in their production meeting appropriate artistic standards for cinema screen. The focus of these presentations is on additional financing and development of strategies for distribution.

Unlike the other co-production markets, EUROPEAN WORK IN PROGRESS aims to presents projects that are already in production. The advantage of this later stage of production is, in comparison to the financing stage, the projects can be much better evaluated in terms of their suitability for cinema, since visual material is already available, the cast and style of the film can be judged, and the work of the director and director of photography can be presented on the basis of concrete work samples from the respective project. Now that the discussions about the suitability of many film productions for cinema are abundant, a WORK IN PROGRESS platform is a suitable instrument to develop and distribute projects closer to the cinema market.

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