14. Juni 2021 Johannes Wolters

Expanded Animation Talk: „Animation That Grows Up With You : A Girl’s Anime Franchise Turns 20“

Expanded Animation Exhibition presented by Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion in association with Annecy Festival 2021/MIFA visit our website: https://jmaf-promote.jp/animation2021


Online Event: Talk Series „Animation That Grows Up With You : A Girl’sAnime Franchie Turns 20“ SATO Junichi / Director FUJITSU ryouta / Anime Critic Three talk sessions with artists, critics and other experts delving deep into Japanese animation’s dynamic evolution, touching on themes such as the expansion of generations, genre and screens. for more information: https://jmaf-promote.jp/animation2021…


01:16 *Note: (interpretation correction) Sato directed „A Whisker Away“ and „Looking for Magical Doremi“ in 2020 both as animated features.

1:58 How did the „Ojamajo Doremi“ project begin 20 years ago?

5:28 What was the response at the time?

7:32 How did the 20th anniversary film „Looking for Magical Doremi“ take form?

9:32 How did you create the 3 main characters Sora, Mire and Reika?

12:12 Bridging the age/gender gap between creators and audience

14:25 „Looking for Magical Doremi“ as a part of the „Ojamajo Doremi“ series

22:25 Thins to consider when making „girls‘ animation“

24:33 Similarities and differences between „Ojamajo Doremi“ and „Hug! PrettyCure“

28:59 Important things when making children’s animation

29:55 The goal behind „Looking for Magical Doremi“

34:24 Depicting girls in puberty: „A Whisker Away“

41:17Degrees of directing difference between children, young people and adults

49:12 Working with women: „Looking for Magical Doremi“ co-director, KAMATANI Haruka / „A Wisker Away“ screenwriter, OKADA Mari

51:14 Message to the Audience

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