29. Dezember 2020 Johannes Wolters

Fan Owned: Welcome to Pencilish Animation Studios!



Along with some of my top friends from Disney, WB, and other places…we’re starting our OWN ANIMATION STUDIO, but here’s the kicker – We are FAN OWNED!, so each member is an “owner” and, therefore, really IMPORTANT to us. This means that our OWNERS are PARTNERS with myself and our amazing advisory board members and it means that you actually own STOCK in our company. If this sounds great to you, then go ahead and click HERE to learn more.

If that‘ not awesome enough, because you are “Friends and Family”, there is a special early bird incentive for early investors, but IT WILL NOT LAST LONG.  (You could get twice the stock!)  We have not launched to “the public” yet, so it’s only for people that have this link: www.wefunder.com/pencilish .  (Yes, you can share that with animation friends of yours if you would like)  The other important part you should know is that WeFunder is not like Kickstarter – you are not donating or buying a product (like an art book), you are getting ACTUAL STOCK in Pencilish Animation Studios…YOU ARE AN OWNER…with ME of Course!  We will be partners in this new adventure and you get all the rights and perks of ownership!

Does this sound awesome? For all the details about the company and to watch a video of me talking about it: go to www.wefunder.com/pencilish.  You can sign up there to invest, also, it’s a safe and easy process (they even accept credit cards)

Also, look for the Amazing Perks that we’ve set up for you…you might even make it into a cartoon character in one of our animated short series!

Let’s take storytelling and animation in a new direction!  Viva la animation revolution!

Thank you!
Tom Bancroft – CEO of Pencilish Animation Studios, Inc.


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