12. Februar 2023 Johannes Wolters

Film, Virtual Reality & Innovation: How to Offer New Experiences to Target Audiences

Virtual production — bringing together photorealistic sets created in game engines with LED screens— is undoubtedly one of the most significant disruptions the film industry has ever witnessed, promising never-before-seen creative output and cost cuttings. But is the promise of this groundbreaking process and technology only available for larger-than-life blockbuster productions? Or will it revolutionize the future of filmmaking for the independents and enable Europe to become a powerhouse player? Let’s listen to film director & cinematographer Jannicke Mikkelsen (FNF) who shares her insights with industry peers at a dedicated #CannesNext roundtable discussion held at the #MarcheDuFilm of the #FestivalDeCannes in May 2022. 🎥

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The conference was suported by Creative Europe MEDIA and animated by The Catalysts CEO AC Coppens.

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