12. Juli 2018 Johannes Wolters

FMX Presentation Demo Reel Can Erduman 2018

Can Erduman is a freelance 3D Artist, located in Mainz, Germany.

He graduated in Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz.

With serval years of freelancing experience, he is doing character animation, motiongraphics and product illustrations. He is working in the area around Mainz and Frankfurt but is always looking forward to do international work.

This is the Demo reel, I presented at my talk @ FMX 2018


In the online chidren’s series “The Lego News Show”, host Dan Brickman and his team of reporters report about what’s new in the Lego universe each month. In his presentation, Can Erduman focuses on the technical and artistic challenges during this guerilla production and explains how he was able to improve workflow quality and efficiency for each episode.

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