26. März 2021 Johannes Wolters

Gringo Films, Lavalabs, Pixomondo & Studio Rakete: Stichkopf / Stitchhead – Concept Teaser

Stitch Head

Regie: Toby Genkel & Steve Hudson
Drehbuch: Steve Hudson
Nach den Kinderbüchern von Guy Bass, illustriert von Pete Williamson

Produzentin: Sonja Ewers
Koproduzent: Fabrique d’images, Traumhaus Studios
Studios: Lavalabs, Studio Rakete, Pixomondo
Weltvertrieb: Global Screen
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Creative Europe, FFA

Plot synopsis: High up in a castle above a little town, a mad professor creates monsters in his laboratory. So far, so good. But… who looks after the monsters once they’re created? And who keeps them quiet and not monstrous to stop the townspeople forming an angry mob and storming the castle? Meet Stitch Head – the mad professor’s very first and long-forgotten creation…

A monstrously funny new twist on the Frankenstein story – where the monsters are the good guys and the humans are scary – this 3D animation feature, it will be directed by Toby Genkel (“Richard the Stork”), and Steve Hudson, produced by Sonja Ewers. LAVAlabs and Studio Rakete (“Niko” and “Ooops! Noah is Gone…”) serve as co-producers. Based on the kids’ books of the same name by award-winning Great Britain author Guy Bass, STITCH HEAD is an adventure full of fun for monsters young and old.

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