3. Februar 2021 Johannes Wolters

HINWEIS: Darmstadt: Bewerbungszeit verlängert: Masterstudiengang Animation and Game Direction

Auf Grund der Pandemiesituation Bewerbungschluß für Masterstudiengang "Animation and Game Direction" Hochschule Darmstadt bis zum 1.3.2021 verlängert!

Link: https://agd.mediencampus.h-da.de/

The Animation and Game Direction Master Programme offers students advanced theoretical knowledge and methodological competencies in order to develop directorial authorship based on intense genre knowledge and critique, mastery of industrial standard producing practices as well as strong leadership skills.

Students are enabled to develop compelling, innovative content as well as carry out original research in the field of animations, games and immersive experiences. Through project based learning strategies the curriculum integrates a variety of relevant subjects, such as advanced animation and game theory, dramaturgy and storytelling, acting and directing actors, mise en scène for animations, games and VR experiences, sound and dialogue direction, art direction and IP development.

Students are encouraged to define and communicate a directorial vision through subjects like creative producing, production management and leadership. They gain practical experience by directing animation, game and virtual reality projects in the Animation & Game Bachelor Programme under the supervision of lecturers.

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