4. Februar 2021 Johannes Wolters

Hinweis: Tricky Women/Tricky Realities 2021 – ONLINE edition

10. - 14. März 2021

Birthdays cannot be postponed, not even due to a global pandemic. From March 10 to 14, we celebrate twenty years of passionate commitment to the visibility of female* filmmakers ONLINE! With glitter and glory and love and passion!

You can expect films with wit and verve, which celebrate an alternative (visual) vocabulary and break with common narrative forms. Films by long companions of the festival, like Signe Baumane or Caroline Leaf, are also part of this year’s festival program, as are works by newcomers*. The lectures and masterclasses at the international forum Best Practice will focus on new possibilities for (cinematic) storytelling.

In the exhibition in Bildraum 07, which will take place parallel to the festival, the artists explore interfaces and boundaries: between bodies and their surroundings, between materiality and immateriality, temporal and spatial, becoming and letting go –  and thus opening up new possibilities, spaces and ways of seeing.

The festival program will be published on > trickywomen.at in mid-February. Stay tuned! We are look forward to you!

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