How Pixar Changed Storytelling Forever

„The Wheel“ is a filmmaking formula responsible for some of your core memories. Pioneered by Pixar, this storytelling structure is unique because everything comes from the editor. We spoke to Bill Kinder, Director of Editorial, on some of your favorite Pixar films. We also spoke with Bobbie O’Steen, an editing historian. Together they co-wrote „Making the Cut at Pixar.“ In their book, Bobbie and Bill pull back the curtain on the key to Pixar’s incredible storytelling.

CHAPTERS: 00:00 Intro

01:25 This interview was recorded with Riverside

02:34 What is EditStorial?

03:07 The secret Pixar editing workflow

05:58 Live action editorial disadvantages

06:59 The insane way Pixar movies are written

09:54 Movie 1st, Scene 2nd, Moment 3rd

12:38 How “Married Life” failed early

17:10 Get funding with Creative Juice

18:21 Get bloody good music from Trackclub

19:10 How can apply Pixar storytelling to our work?

21:37 How “Finding Nemo” failed early

24:16 How Pixar remains obective on their projects

26:35 The unconventional ideation process of Pixar

28:47 How “Trash Planet” turned into “Walle”

30:26 How Pixar prioritizes sound

32:10 How Pixar’s editors create everything

35:16 How most editors become very successful

40:10 How to work for Pixar

#42:50 “Making The Cut At Pixar”

Link In Description Buy „Making The Cut At Pixar“ –

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