19. Oktober 2020 Johannes Wolters

How to Draw Fei Fei with Glen Keane | Over the Moon | Netflix Futures

Be sure to check out http://www.overthemoonnetflix.com for more activities. Are you ready to draw?! Legendary „Over the Moon“ animator and director, Glen Keane, takes us through the step-by-step techniques required to draw some of our favorite characters from the film. Parents, share drawings with us using the hashtag #OverTheMoonNetflix please! Once you draw your character, take your imagination to new heights and send them to Lunaria at Microsoft.com/InCulture

Invitiation to each and everyone who wants to be inspired!

Especially of course everyone working in the field of animation/vfx!!! We arranged in collaboration with Netflix and Glen Keane Productions an online talk with legendary artist and academy-award winning director Glen Keane about his feature film „Over The Moon“ (Netflix/Pearl Animation) So, save the date!!!

October, 29th – 19.00 Uhr Berlin (MEZ) // 10.00 AM Los Angeles, Vancouver // 13.00 PM New York // 01.00 AM Beijing // 06.00 AM Wellington


If you want to participate,here is all the info you need:


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