„If It Is To Be“ 🦅 Kali Uchis – Lyric Video | Maya and The Three | Netflix Futures

Behold, Kali Uchis, the goddess of music! Listen to the full original song by Paul Williams and Gustavo Santaolalla from Maya and the Three. It’s an anthem for all ages. Multiply your courage, by the power of three on an epic journey to save a fantastical world. Three outcasts from three distant lands, Chimi (The Skull Warrior), Rico (The Rooster Wizard) and Picchu (The Puma Barbarian) will join Maya (The Eagle Warrior) on her mighty quest to stop Lord Mictlan (The god of war) and fulfill an ancient prophecy. Maya and the Three begins October 22 only on Netflix. Set a remind now: https://www.netflix.com/mayaandthethree

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