Inside Job | Reagan Goes to Anonymous Anonymous | Netflix

Even the Deep State, Illuminati and Big foot need help.

Inside Job: Part 2 premieres November 18, only on Netflix.

ABOUT INSIDE JOB For employees of Cognito Inc., conspiracies aren’t just theories, they’re a full time grind.

INSIDE JOB is a peek inside the actual Deep State, as one woman manages the chaotic office of lovable morons secretly controlling the world. Also what’s with this Ron guy from the Illuminate who’s all up on Reagan’s business? Ugh.

Inside Job: Part 2 features Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott, Christian Slater, Clark Duke, Tisha Campbell, Andy Daly, Chris Diamantopoulos, John DiMaggio, Bobby Lee, Brett Gelman, and more.

Created by Shion Takeuchi. From executive producers Shion Takeuchi, Alex Hirsh, and Mike Hollingsworth.

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