1. November 2016 Johannes Wolters

Insight: Brad Bird on Animation

Brad Bird, writer and director of animated films ‚The Iron Giant‘, ‚The Incredibles‘ and ‚Ratatouille‘, gives an insight into his writing process, how he directs animation and why many people fundamentally misunderstand the medium. Subtitles available.

Find out which animated film that one clip was from by turning on the ‚English CC‘ subtitle track.

This video combines excerpts from the three audio commentary tracks on home releases of ‚The Iron Giant‘, ‚The Incredibles‘ and ‚Ratatouille‘, as well as fragments from the behind-the-scenes documentaries. Watching the films prior to watching this video is recommended, but not entirely necessary.

Edited by Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr., © 2016. This non-profit project was made solely for educational purposes, not aimed at breaking copyright law. All rights to all material remain courtesy of their respective owners.

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