6. Juli 2020 Johannes Wolters

Jan Burda: „“I like the word ‘Bildglück’ (in German, ‘image luck’)!“ Foundry Webinar: Pulling A Rabbit out of Nuke Vol 2

Jan Burda auf Linked In

With more than 65 credits on IMDB, veteran Lead Compositor Jan Burda will use this talk to reveal his favorite compositing magic tricks in Nuke, whilst giving some insight into his work. Jan says: “I like the word ‘Bildglück’ (in German, ‘image luck’). It describes the sudden, unexpected achievement of an effect you hadn’t planned that occurs due to a wrong connection. This is part of my job I really like that I’d be happy to share. It’s about the creative and playful use of Nuke: the fun and love of working in compositing.”

Jan will be presenting using the standard Nuke toolset, without scripting. Some of the fascinating points covered will include: Hidden magic in the Noise Node Using Idistort and VectorBlur in a different way Understanding other crafts in film to help improve your own work

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