7. Juli 2018 Johannes Wolters


It is not too late, you can still be a part of our awesome CFX team! MPC Montreal is looking for Artists, you can apply now!! #MPC#CFX#MONTREAL
Do you have a passion for cinematography and an eye for picture composition? Then please read on about our Final Layout Artist role! https://grnh.se/c85b17991
We are looking for Junior FX Artists and new FX graduates to join the Technicolor academy, a fully paid 12 month position with Technicolor! Apply and send us your FX demo reel here: http://smrtr.io/Dh_9 Here is what we look for in an FX reel: Please show examples in at least two of the following categories: particles / destruction / volumes / fluids We prefer to see rendered FX elements presented in a shot. FX elements presented without a plate should be presented on a checkerboard background Technical demos of tool development welcomed. Demo reels will be evaluated based on a few key elements: – timing (realistic demonstration of Newtonian physics principles in action) – appeal (composition, use of color, staging of elements, and image quality) – originality (personal projects vs tutorials) Scripting is not a requirement but is a bonus. MEL, VEX or Python are ideal. Please demonstrate your scripting skills with a screen capture of the script running or the rendered result. I am happy to answer any questions you have. Get more information at technicoloracademy.com

VFX Production Coordinator 

Deluxe Entertainment, Santa Monica, CA

CFX Artist

DreamWorks Feature Glendale, CA

Tools & Workflow Developer 

DreamWorks Technology Glendale, CA

3D Animator

3D Modeler

Senior Lighting Artist

CG Generalist – Maya

Pixomondo. Los Angeles, CA

Rigging Crowds Lead

Blue Sky Studios Greenwich, CT

Lighter (Contract)

Senior Character Modeller (Contract)

Brown Bag Films Dublin, Ireland

Aardman Bristol, UK

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