26. Januar 2023 Johannes Wolters

LIAF 2022: Animating the Metaverse – What the Metaverse might offer Animators

This year was the year of speculation about the Metaverse. There are signs the technology might be there to start creating this network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection and commerce. Should animators keep an eye on developments in this area? What kind of opportunities may emerge – in games or wider community platforms? Will there be a need for animated content beyond games, and if so, what might that be, and how might today’s animators prepare for new work the metaverse might require?

Special thanks to
Saint John Walker, Dean/Director of Industry Engagement at Escape Studios
Kadine James (Global Metaverse Strategist at Accenture and CEO and Founder of The Immersive KIND NFT Gallery and 3D Crypto Fashion House)
Kevin Sharpley (Founder of Kijik Multimedia Inc.)
Gianfranco Bianchi (Founder and the CCO of Xavatar LTD)
Jo Redfern (Leader in Children’s Media)

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