Ludwigsburg, Animationsinstitut: How to apply | Vanessa Schneider | Animation (Character Animation)

Vanessa Schneider is studying at Animationsinstitut with focus on Character Animation and takes us through her former application process. How exactly did it work back then and, very importantly, do you have to be a trained artist to do so? Spoiler: You don’t. In addition, in an exchange with Dörthe Eickelberg, she tells us more about the intensive mentoring thanks to numerous international lectures from the industry. Theory and practice thus not only go hand in hand, but also already map out the later career path pretty well.

Learn more about the curriculum, the daily study routine and the application process at Animationsinstitut. What other specializations are available? What do you need to consider when applying? What qualifications and interests does it take? And, most importantly, who are the people who will accompany and support you during this creative learning and creative phase?

Application Deadline | February, 15

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