8. Februar 2019 Johannes Wolters

Ludwigsburg, Filmakademie: VFX Breakdown „Chocolate Man“

A war zone, a lot of misery, innocent victims and countless photos – we tell the story of Melson, an icy war photographer, who encounters a deaf-mute girl in a war zone and this changes his world.

The visual effects for Chocolate Man were implemented at Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut. They arise from a synergy of special effects and visual effects. Real actionable explosions and shots will be on set captured and non-rotatable settings are created digitally. In addition to simulations, editing slow motion shots is the main part of the VFX team’s work, building a CG helicopter and compositing.

Finally our CHOCOLATE MAN VFX Breakdown is online and we‘re very exciting to show you on what we’ve worked the last 1 1/2 years.
Thanks to the whole team for making this VFX shots possible.


VFX Supervisor / CG Lead: David Bellenbaum
VFX Art Director / Lead Compositor: Jay Jörg Schmidt
VFX Producer: Ale Todorovic
FX Artists: Aleksej Skrypnik, Yafes Sahin , Justin Braun
Texturing / Shading Artist: Martin Boué
Compositors: Pascal Schelbli & Christian Heynert
And also thanks to: Max Auer, Wunna Winter & Pascal Schober

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