16. Dezember 2019 Johannes Wolters

Mackevision war beteiligt an den VFX bei HBOs Serie „Watchmen“

VFX producer Francesco Faranna über die Beteiligung der Stuttgarter Effektschmiede

Francesco Faranna wrote:

„Last night the final episode of HBO’s #WATCHMEN was aired. It was an honor to work on this highly anticipated remix of Alan Moore’s and Dave Gibbon’s original graphic novel masterpiece from 1986. I want to thank Damon Lindelof, Erik Henry, Matt Robken, Ashley J Ward, Jamie Klein and Michelle Huynh – personally and in the name of the entire team. We always felt to be part of something truly special. And because there is always never enough space in end credits, I want to take the chance and post a picture which includes every single artist and team member to say “thank you” and appreciate your relentless and outstanding work. It was just amazing. “


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