12. Juli 2019 Johannes Wolters

Margaret Loesch Interview Part 1 of 4 – TelevisionAcademy.com/Interviews

In her four-hour archive interview, Margaret Loesch talks about her early years, and her first jobs, including working for animation legend Friz Freeling. She speaks of going to work for Hanna-Barbera, where she worked on Scooby Doo, and developed the smash hit cartoon The Smurfs. Jenni Matz conducted the interview on August 18, 2017 and April 19, 2018 in North Hollywood, CA.

On her childhood and early education, and on children’s shows she watched while growing up; on seeing the coronation of Queen Elizabeth on television [Ed. note: Ms. Loesch would like to clarify that „he“ refers to her father, Fred Loesch, and to correct „Andover, England“ to „Burtonwood, England“]; on getting her start in television
On becoming a production clerk, and on learning various aspects of the industry; on working in promos for children’s shows at ABC; on going to work for NBC in 1975, and on working for Friz Freleng
On the dearth of female executives in television when she first started in the business; on going to work for William Hanna and Joseph Barbera; on developing and selling The Smurfs
On working on Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! and developing other shows at Hanna-Barbera; on developing The Gary Coleman Show; on working with Mel Blanc, and on casting voice-over actors
On adding „Scrappy Doo“ to Scooby Doo; on projects she wishes would have worked out and didn’t during her time at Hanna-Barbera

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