Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Accolades Trailer | Meta Quest 2


The critics agree, Marvel’s Iron Man VR on Meta Quest 2 is a must have game on Quest 2! „A must play game on Quest 2“ – Destructoid „Marvel’s Iron Man VR is easily one of the (most) engaging, polished and immersive releases on Quest 2.“ – UploadVR “It’s brilliant.” – 6DOF “A must have game on the Meta Quest 2” – Always Nerdy „A worthy addition to any Quest 2 library.” – DualShockers „Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a must have for Quest 2 owners.“ – Gaming Nexus „5/5“ – World of Geek Tap into your inner Super Hero as you step into Iron Man’s armor and blast into the skies.

Explore Tony’s garage to customize and upgrade an arsenal of iconic gear, gadgets, and weapons. Hit the afterburners and feel the rush of flying hundreds of miles an hour. Use all of Tony Stark’s resources to find the mysterious villain Ghost and her army of drones.

Experience this action-packed, immersive, Iron Man adventure on Meta Quest 2 now! Get it now:

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