26. Oktober 2021 Johannes Wolters

Meet the Innovators: Live Participatory VR Experiences | Producers Guild of America

Today’s panel introduces four of the 12 finalists in the Producers Guild of America Innovation Awards with a focus on live participatory narrative-based performances in VR. Presentations include:

* Baba Yaga — a virtual reality narrative created by six-time Emmy Award-winning animation studio Baobab Studios

* Dr. Crumb’s School for Disobedient Pets — a time-based puzzle adventure game for up to four players with a live actor who plays two characters in the game

* Jettison — a browser-based VR experience featuring three strangers stranded in a lifeboat who discover an unexpected stowaway.

* The Under Presents — a narrative-driven mystery incorporating live actors allowing the viewer to control time


* Brendan Bradley (Producer/Actor/Playwright/World Builder, Jettison)

* Kane Lee (Head of Content, Baobab Studios)

* Kim Adams (Co-Founder, President / COO, Adventure Lab)

* Larry Cutler (CTO & Co-Founder, Baobab Studios)

* Tanya Leal Soto (Interactive Producer, The Under Presents) Recorded May 4, 2021.

ABOUT: The Producers Guild of America is a non-profit trade organization that represents, protects and promotes the interests of all members of the producing team in film, television and new media. The Guild invests in its core values that benefit the industry at large. These values are rooted in facilitating employment of its members, advocating for sustainable practices in production that minimize human and environmental harm, ensuring a set culture that advances safety and creates viable pathways into the guild for the next generation of producers, particularly those from populations under-represented in the industry. Year-round it hosts a number of educational, mentoring and professional networking programs.

WHERE TO FIND US: http://www.producersguild.org


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