New Lighting Features in Unity 2021.2: Volumetric Clouds, Lens Flare & Light Anchor | SIGGRAPH 2021

Get an overview of the brand new Volumetric Clouds system offered by Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), along with some of the alternatives available for generating beautiful skies in Unity, including HDRI distortions and Cloud Layers. You’ll learn about the brand new Lens Flare system, which works with both the Universal Render Pipeline and HDRP and lets you easily simulate the characteristics of camera lenses, and the Light Anchor component, which allows artists to drastically reduce the time needed to light characters and products.
Learn more about how Volumetric Clouds work:
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Timestamps: Introduction 1:16 The Speaker Volumetric Clouds 1:45 Sky and Clouds 1:50 HDRI Skies 2:43 Cloud Layers 3:57 Advantages of Volumetric Clouds 4:50 Physically Based Sky 5:09 Project setup 5:33 Volume Component 6:25 Local Mode and Quality 7:53 Presets and Shape 9:58 Wind 10:45 Lighting 11:39 Custom curves and Manual modes Lens Flares 14:52 Introduction 15:38 Samples 15:56 Light setup 16:28 Occlusion and Off Screen flares 17:06 Lens Flare Elements 17:50 Transforms and Distortion 18:06 Multiple Elements 18:29 Attenuation controls Light Anchor 20:58 Introduction 21:33 Physical Camera setup 21:52 Depth of Field 23:11 Light Anchor component 23:53 Light Intensity and Color Temperature 24:17 Presets 25:41 Final Results Conclusion 26:53 Thank you
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