4. Juni 2020 Johannes Wolters

News from Joanna Quinn: You protect me & I protect you!

Beryl is back to shout at you! She’s getting real mad… „WTF!! Wear The Facecover! – You protect me & I protect you!“ Please cover up and stop huffing & puffing over strangers! A sneeze can send droplets travelling almost 8 feet and the droplets can stay suspended in the air for 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES!!! As for sweaty panting joggers….. WTF, Socially distance and wash those blinkin‘ hands!! (thx to laura weston for her direction with this campaign!) StayAtHomeSaveLives COVID19 nhs facecoverings stayalert nhsstaff keyworkers ppeshortage bemoreberyl masks stayathome coronavirus lockdown

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