Next Animation Studio: Karen Senki Trailer

After a devastating robot apocalypse, the surviving human population struggles to carry on in the rubble of their former lives. One all-powerful robot, Seek, rules over the remaining humans, only allowing them to live in order to study them. One newly-empowered human, Karen Senki, begins her destiny to save them all.

In the beginning, Karen Senki appears to be just a powerless survivor among the throngs, piecing together her life under robot oppression. Fate sends a bullet into her and she is left to die in the streets. But a mysterious shaman saves Karen, wipes her memory, and empowers her with superhuman speed and fighting skills. Now Karen is a powerful force, but a blank slate. Not knowing her true identity or the nature of her skills, she joins a band of rebels known as “The Eleven” who tells Karen, she is the last great hope to save humanity from the robot overlords.

As Karen’s skills grow, she learns that her past — and her future —are inextricably linked to the evil ruler Seek. Karen eventually discovers that her destiny was never a choice.

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