Oblacat: Accepted to Gobelins l’école de l’image / animation bachelor // ARFA //my application story, advices

I decided to create this video, because I have never seen Gobelins application videos on YouTube. It is very surprising, because Gobelins is a very famous animation school. If such a video existed when I applied- I would be less anxious and more productive at the time of my application. My goal is to help the future Gobelins applicants to go through stressful times of concourse and succeed! Even though, this video contains pure information – I tried to make it as entertaining as possible! Please, remember, that I am not a native English speaker and I tried my best. In this particular video I will tell you about my story of application (I like to read ones myself), the new bachelor program, the documents required and, finally, exams. If you have any questions- please, ask me! I am very interested in having more cool schoolmates:)






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