6. Juli 2022 Johannes Wolters

Prof. Tom Sito: „Rejection“

I was reminded today about artists rejection letters. It’s important to know that part of being a professional is knowing how to handle rejection. It never feels good. And you always remember your first rejection. But its all part of the game. From the minute you start looking for real work as an artist, you will face people trying to discourage you. I’ve lost as many jobs as I have gotten.

Tom Sito

Michelangelo lost a fresco competition to Leonardo. Goya lost a student competition to an artist nobody heard of today. Charles Schulz mentioned when he was first looking for work, he applied to Walt Disney and got a letter back, “ No thank you, but we are only looking for GOOD artists.“ Glen Keane was once told by a reviewer “ you draw like an 8 year old.“ Edward Gorey said he kept one drawer in his desk filled with rejection letters, including some suggesting he seek therapy.
I think it is important to your growth as an artist that at one point someone tells you you suck. It gives you a goal to aim for. A mountain to climb. Recognize real critique from mere spite or indifference. The studio you applied may be in financial trouble, but they’ll never admit that to you. Learn from your rejection, regroup and move on to the next.
I was rejected for a job on Filmation’s Flash Gordon, and years later not only did I become a mainstay of the company, I actually got the office of the artist who rejected me. So you can win. And knowing that makes the achieving all the sweeter.
Good luck and good hunting.
Tom Sito

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