2. Juni 2020 Johannes Wolters

REAL TIME CONFERENCE: Register Now! #RTC_2020 June 8th & 9th

We look forward to welcoming you to an exciting new RealTime Conference 2-day session, on June 8 & 9. Check out our packed program and the exciting roster of speakers. From Virtual Production to Immersive Storytelling, from Spatial Computing to Controller-less VR Era, from Games Cinematics to Digital Humans | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning & GANs, not to forget Real-Time Live Collaborative Demos, #RTC_2020 June 8 & 9 brings together the best of the best of the Real-Time Community! Join them for another event full of learning, networking, and uniting across multiple industries!


Still free but your support appreciated!
While we are thrilled to have been able to bring such brilliant speakers and the global real-time community together at no cost until now, these adaptations have stretched our current budget as far as it can go, and we now ask the community to contribute according to their means.

Please look at the proposed fee options for our 2-day June session, June 8 and 9. For those who can pay, please pay! For those who can contribute, please contribute! If you are a potential partner, please reach out! And if you can’t support us financially at the moment, please keep enjoying RTC FOR FREE!

Thank you all for your kind support, always much appreciated!

Jean-Michel Blottière, Founde

Program June 2020



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