6. April 2020 Johannes Wolters

Save the Date: 21st International VFX Computer Graphics Conference 18-23 Oct. 2020 — Turin, Italy

VIEW Conference announces its first speakers for our 2020 Edition (18-23 October, Torino, Italy):

  • Peter Ramsey, Co-Director, Spiderman into the Spider-Verse
  • Jeremy Clapin, Writer/Director, I Lost My Body
  • Paul Debevec, Senior Engineer, Google VR (Keynote)
  • Don Greenberg, Jacob Gould Schurmann Professor of Computer Graphics, Cornell University (Keynote)
  • Marino Guarnieri, Director, Gatta Cenerentola
  • Kane Lee, Head of Story, Baobab
  • Dylan Sisson, Renderman, Pixar

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