18. August 2018 Johannes Wolters

SIGGRAPH 2018 für uns daheim (7): Fluids 2: Panels Vortex Boogaloo // Thesis Fast Forward // Cesium: 3D Globes on the Web

Fluids 2: Vortex Boogaloo

„• Water Surface Wavelets This talk proposes a novel water simulation method for waves from 2cm to 80m wavelength, interacting with boundaries. We can simulate 1,000 boat wakes and 1,000 floating barrels in real time.

• tempoGAN: A Temporally Coherent, Volumetric GAN for Super-Resolution Fluid Flow We propose a temporally coherent generative model addressing the super-resolution problem for fluid flows. Our work represents a first approach to synthesize four-dimensional physics fields with neural networks.

• Fluid Directed Rigid Body Control Using Deep Reinforcement Learning A learning-based method to control a coupled 2D system involving both fluid and rigid bodies is presented. Our controller is a general neural-net, which is trained using deep reinforcement learning.

• Automatically Distributing Eulerian and Hybrid Fluid Simulations in the Cloud Nimbus is a software system for automatically distributing Eulerian and hybrid fluid simulations on cloud computing nodes. Nimbus’s interface can support existing simulation kernels through simple adaptors and driver programs.“

Thesis Fast Forward

Thesis students, show us what you’ve got! For the first time ever, SIGGRAPH will host a live event, similar to Papers Fast Forward, in which a group of graduate students will present their research agenda and impress its significance on a panel of recognized experts ― all within the window of a 3-minute oral presentation.

Cesium: 3D Globes on the Web

„A discussion of the latest news and community activity in the open-source CesiumJS project for 3D globes built on WebGL and discussion of 3D Tiles for streaming massive 3D models.“

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