23. März 2018 Johannes Wolters

„Some artists are just lazy… you need to work hard.“ Pro character artist from Riot Games

A discussion with Senior Character artist, Daniel Orive, from Riot Games (Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/danitchu). We talk about the work ethic of artists and what’s required to get a job in the industry. Chapter marks: 3:20 Are some artists just „gifted“? 6:38 Why some artists don’t improve 15:50 Work culture at Riot Games 18:40 How to get out of art slumps 23:04 Seeking motivation 27:05 Is it better to focus on one art style, or many? 34:00 The value of feedback 39:47 Recommended online resources 45:00 Daniel’s experience in art school 51:42 How hardcore practice led to a job in one year 56:15 When to listen or ignore feedback 1:00:10 Is art school worth it? 1:04:14 Identifying scam schools 1:08:30 Can technology replace artists jobs? 1:11:33 Advice for 18yr olds today?

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