3. Februar 2018 Johannes Wolters


Dear Women in Animation community,

This year, at the 45th Annual Annie Awards, we are encouraging the animation industry to show their solidarity with Women in Animation and TIME’S UP by wearing white roses and TIME’S UP pins on the carpet and during the show, which will take place in Los Angeles, on Saturday, February 3. We are grateful for anyone in the animation industry who would like to use this platform to raise awareness about safety and equity in the workplace and are excited to support this organic industry-initiated show of solidarity. WIA representatives will be on hand at the show to hand out TIME’S UP pins if you don’t have them.

This issue is very relevant to the animation industry, as we continue to push for equal representation across all groups. Today, only 21% of creative positions are held by women. Animation, entertainment, and our culture will be better with varied voices being heard. We have an opportunity in Animation to model for the rest of the industry how to bring everyone into the room and allow everyone to be heard.

We encourage anyone who is wearing a white rose or a pin at the event or who has signed a letter of solidarity to make a donation to the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund by clicking here. The Fund will help women and men who face workplace sexual harassment connect with legal representation and public relations assistance. Thank you for your support!

In Solidarity,

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