14. Mai 2021 Johannes Wolters

Stefan Müller: „Lighting Design in CG“ Lecture


This talk shows how we can use lighting as a tool to craft (hopefully!) good looking CG imagery. We are looking at references, techniques that modern art painters used and how to transfer them to CG, how real world photography works and how that translates to CG, some technical bits whenever it can help us to make educated guesses, some tricks and tips on how to work around certain limitations that we might encounter, and excursions to cameras, lookdev and compositing to help us with our lighting.
0:00 Introduction
2:35 References: How modern art can influence CG
9:54 Camera Excursion
16:32 Exposure/Stops: Making meaningful change
20:22 Rendering/Compositing/Breakdown
22:02 What color does moonlight have?
30:31 How to get a technically correct dome/IBL
33:16 Chiaroscuro: Creating contrast
34:48 Practical Lights/Fibonacci/Rich colors
40:51 Values: Guiding the viewer
50:39 Hero Lighting: Storytelling with lighting
52:58 Lookdev Excursion
54:54 Evaluating Lighting
56:31 Rim Lights and when to use them
58:40 Last Words
Stefan Müller is known for really colorful Katana backdrops.
Otherwise, I’m all about Lighting, Lookdev and Scripting. If you want to find out more about me, feel free to surf to my website/CG blog or watch some of my Vimeo uploads. 🙂



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