27. Mai 2022 Johannes Wolters

Stuttgart: Mackevision VFX is working under a new brand – „Accenture Song“

Heiko Burkardsmaier wrote on LinkedIn

The #Mackevsion VFX is happy to announce it will now be working under a new Brand – Accenture Song. Of course it is not easy to change a name but if you are working with an amazing team, with amazing clients and friends on fantastic projects it is not that hard. We are thrilled to announce that our first credit under the new brand is for Stranger Things, Season 4 – more to come in the big finale in July.

Thanks to #Netflix, Jabbar Raisani, Terron Pratt, Marion Spates, Digvijay Singh, Eddie Bonin, Patrick Hurd, Greg Anderson, Jake Allen, – and of course our AWESOME VFX Team!!!

Webseite: Accenture Song

Webseite Mackevision

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