19. März 2021 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „Augenblicke – A Blink of an Eye“ by Kiana Nagshineh

Telling Stories, creating worlds & bringing characters to life are my passion and expertise.

In 2011 – 2017 I studied animation at the Filmakademie Baden – Württemberg,

where I realised several award winning shortfilms and worked on many projects as an animator, concept artist and art director.

During that time I studied as an exchange student in Paris at Gobelins l’école de l’image.

I graduated with my shortfilm AUGENBLICKE – a blink of an eye.
Now I work as a director, concept artist and animator for several studios.


AUGENBLICKE – a blink of an eye from Kiana Naghshineh on Vimeo.

Three perceptions of one truth – hers, his and ours.


Director . Producer: Kiana Naghshineh / instagram.com/kiana_naghshineh

Lead Animation: Janina Putzker . Kiana Naghshineh

Music: Marius Kirsten / neckarstudios.de/
Vocals: Ella Estrella Tischa . Marius Kirsten /
Sound: Laura Schnaufer . Volker Armbruster / geraeuschfabrik.de/

Cinematography: Jan Robin Weiland / janrobinweiland.com
Cast: Cuyén Biraben . Constantin Petry . Georg Grohmann

copyright Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH (2018) / filmakademie.de

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